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Well after years of percolating thoughts of becoming a writer, I am making my first foray into the literary brotherhood. This is my first post of what I intend to be many. I plan to start with consumer reviews, observations, recipes, sports commentary and pet stories.



Alexander Arms AR15 .50 Beowulf Review: “A Rifle Capable of Breaking Both Shoulders of a Moose”



– 02.20.2012

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Jim Downey

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“Hi. My name is ‘Thumper’ but you may know me as the Alexander Arms AR15 in .50 Beowulf.” If you have no prior knowledge of this weapon then let me put it this way. If you’re a fan of the AR platform, but want something more powerful than .223 – something that’s “capable of breaking both shoulders of a moose” – you might want to consider the .50 Beowulf from Alexander Arms.Now, I’m not a huge fan of ARs. I’m just not that much into them— No, I don’t think that they’re imbued with the spirit of Evil or anything. They’re a proven platform that a lot of people love for good reason. I just haven’t shot any that really tripped my trigger – until I tried this one that is.It belongs to a friend of mine. He’d been trying to get me to go out to the range with%2

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Knight’s Armament is proud to be the privileged provider of the Army’s main Semi-Automatic Sniper Platform, the M110. This .308 weapon utilizes the SR25 rifle platform with specific modifications in place based on feedback from military personnel. Long-time friend to KAC, Larry Vickers, featured this weapon platform on his TV show, “Tactical Arms.” If you head over to YouTube, the episode is broken down into two videos where Larry gives a thorough evaluation to the system and even shows a live-fire comparison to a M24 Bolt-Action system. He starts by reviewing the features and standard setup of the weapon and then proceeds to review the history of the weapon’s development courtesy of Trey Knight. Larry is joined by Kevin Boland where they talk a bit about how the weapon arrives in the hands of our Nation’s troops and follows it up with a live-fire exercise where they compare it in a time trial to an M24 Bolt Rifle. Be sure to check out both the first and second video in this series and join Knight’s Armament Co. at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas (Booth # 13372 in the Tactical & Law Enforcement section) to see this rifle and many others first-hand.

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